Friday, January 21, 2011

A Walk Around The World With Ridge--Staying A Kid

When at Walt Disney World, I like to spend the majority of my time having fun and acting childlike. Now I say childlike not childish, because I retain my senses but I give in to the joys of my youth, such as...The Arcade. The Disney resorts have them and even Magic Kingdom has one. The arcade at Old Key West is small but has a relatively good selection of machines. Racing games, action games and first person shooters were there last time I stopped by.

On my last trip I went to the arcade at the Contemporary Resort. The arcade is a mere shadow of its former self. Formerly housed on the ground floor, it occupied a large section in the north end of the building. In the early 90s cell phones weren't carried in everyone's pocket so all the games I have now on an iPhone could crush Pac-Man and Galaxian. The arcades were like casinos for kids. No windows and no one leaves with any money.

Each of the resorts have an arcade and kids now have the added fun of not needing to be bothered with pockets full of change. It's all housed on player cards where you can load money to a prepaid card and use it at all the resort arcades. Its a good way to keep your cash neat and tidy. However just like cash it is impossible to identify so if you lose it, that's all she wrote. With the last card I had, I figured the best I could do is write my name on it in magic marker.

Aside from all the hassles and bothers of touching the same things that everyone else touched with their quite possibly greasy, grimy, snotty, unwashed hands, going to the arcade is the perfect way to bring back all the joys of being a kid for at least the length of a game. So next time you are there, take a few minutes and play a game and remember what it was like to waste all of your time and parent's money if even for a moment.

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