Friday, October 14, 2011

A Walk Around The World With Ridge -- October 2011 Trip

Hello again kids!!! Guess what? I just got home from Disney World.

It was a what seems like a super fast trip for the 40th Birthday of the Magic Kingdom. Combined with seeing old friends and showing around some family on their first trip together, I stayed very busy during my short time in the World.

I did a few new things on this trip, I rented my first car which couldn't have been easier. When I flew in to MCO I had used Priceline to rent a car from Avis. Now if you know anything about Priceline, you know that you don't pick the companies that you use only the price you're willing to pay for it. The car came in handy since I was changing hotels/resorts 3 times. Then to my surprise the return process of the car was easier than checking it out. It was literally as easy as following the signs and making sure I filled up the tank before I brought it back.

As for time in the parks, I missed most of the fun stuff early in the morning since I was late getting into town then having to check into my off site hotel for the first night. I will talk about my accommodations more in a separate post later.

One other of the new things I had the opportunity to do is go to the meet at La Hacienda de San Angel and met tons of new people including Cody @codywdwfan on twitter, it was really a pleasure getting to meet you in person and who didn't like having some free margaritas? I also followed Lou Mongello and the WDW Radio crew around Magic Kingdom for a while during their 40 hour broadcast. You might have seen me walking around in the background if you were one of the "box people".

As always I drug around my 20 some odd pounds of camera gear, looking for something that would catch my eye and make it on to "film". I love my digital camera for it's ease of use but I have also been carrying my dad's 1975 35mm Minolta. It really does help me take some fantastic pictures. I can't wait to get my film developed and scan them into the system.

So if you will allow me to share a few pictures from my time in the World.


  1. I just found your blog via your guest post at Life Of a Sippy Cup mom. We are big Disney 'freaks' too. I've been posting about our latest trip to the World if you'd like to read along. :)


  2. I hated that I only got to see you for a few hours but it was still good to see one of my favorite people :-) XOXO miss you!!!

  3. Those are some dynamite pics! Well done!!!


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