Friday, October 7, 2011

Free Fisher-Price and Mickey apps for babies and toddlers

I just ran across these free iPhone apps. I'm downloading them now so I don't have a review yet. Since they are free, it's totally worth a shot. Search Fisher-Price in the app store.

There are 3 very simple and cute apps designed for babies 6 months and older. For the toddlers who think your phone is theirs, you'll also see Dance Star Mickey and Rock Star Mickey. There is also a free app for the Sing-a-ma-jigs but those critters are creepy, in my opinion. We already have the free app for Bigfoot. There isn't much to it but Tink still loves making Bigfoot laugh.

I'll add some thoughts on these apps once we've had a few days to play with them.

Update: Tink is two and a half and pretty tech savvy. She's been playing with iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad for over a year and a half. The Mickey apps just didn't gain her attention. I showed her how to work Dance Star Mickey but she didn't care for the video of the doll dancing. We haven't played with Rock Star Mickey much. I think she might like dressing him up. The surprise was how much Tink has enjoyed the Fisher-Price apps. They are suggested for 6 months and up so the operation is very simple. I have to agree with her. The FP apps are super cute and have catchy little tunes. She's not particularly learning anything since it's for a younger child, but it just might buy me those last few minutes in the grocery store. And that's what I like.

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