Friday, August 24, 2012

A Walk Around The World With Ridge-- What to do with those pictures?

Me in action!
With my continually growing love of photography, managing my files is a real concern. I love to come in from the parks and get that immediate gratification of viewing the fruits of my photographic labors before I sleep.  When I am at home I load my pictures to my main PC (yes I have more than one computer, nerd alert!) then back them up to my external hard drive. But what will you do on a vacation? Take a laptop, iPad or android-based tablet or just leave them on your memory cards until you get home? While there is no right or wrong answer, I’ll tell you how I get by and keep up with my work.
Old Key West Lighthouse

When I drive to WDW space isn’t really a concern and I will bring my laptop along. This is a handy thing since in our world of instant connections and the interwebz staying plugged in is just a hazard of living. However, I do like to disconnect sometimes. But this isn’t helpful for the topic at hand. With rooms at the resorts having internet access and most of them having free wifi now you can post to twitter, Facebook, tumbler or anywhere else pretty easily. I don’t know about everyone else but I collect memory cards for my camera. I find them on sale and horde them. I have about 128 gig worth of them and I could never worry about downloading them till I get home, but as mentioned before we have to get posting to the internet!

Not only is my laptop good for storage but Photoshop is a tool to make good photos great. Sometimes you just can’t get those images right in the camera so I will want to clean up the keepers and show them to the world!

Flying to WDW has become more and more frequent for me and I bought myself a new toy to rival the iPad for those trips. I have an AsusTransformer Prime, with the detachable key board and built in SD card reader. This is a 32 gig internal storage that also has a mini SD card expansion that I put an additional 32 gig of space. There are lots of Photoshop mobile apps that do a pretty good job of emulating the desktop version. Before I bought the Asus, I borrowed my parent’s iPad but it requires an additional device to transfer your pictures however it really doesn’t take anything away from the experience. Both of these devices are fantastic at letting you review your work in stunning high definition. 
Product Image

What do you like to do with your photos while you are away from home? What is your device of choice for travel?

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