Monday, May 27, 2013

Five Photos: US FLAGS in Honor of Memorial Day

In Memory and Gratitude to those who have sacrificed so we may have the Freedom we enjoy. 
A few of the American Flags I have photographed at Walt Disney World.

American Flags may be found all over Walt Disney World but especially on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom.
Magic Kingdom Train Station
Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom
Liberty Bell in Liberty Square
 Ok.  The Liberty Bell is not on Main Street USA.  
I think it fits well in this Five Photo on Memorial Day.
Magic Kingdom Town Square
Flag Retreat at Town Square in the Magic Kingdom
If you have never seen the Flag Retreat Ceremony in Town Square in the Magic Kingdom, it is worth taking the 15 minutes it takes to watch.  It has varied over the years from the times I have watched.  They have had dove release as part of they ceremony, the Dapper Dans have sung, and the Main Street Philharmonic has played.   I have seen active duty military visiting the park take part in the ceremony as in this photo from October 2008.  I have also seen retired military take part in the ceremony.

To all who have served, Thank you, for your service to our country.



  1. Let us raise the US flag higher in memoriam to those who have died for our country.
    Ed of

  2. Great photos! An American flag is truly a symbol of our nation. This should be raised up properly and high enough to remember all the achievements we've got. Thanks.


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