Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Photo Flashback! A Father/Daughter Shot 34 Years in the Remaking

My first trip to Walt Disney World was in May 1979.  I was three years old.  One of the pictures DisneyDad has been able to find from that visit was this gem of the two of us with a rather quiet fellow. 
DisneyDad and Amy on Main Street USA in May 1979

We couldn't pass up the chance to recreate this photo with my mini-me, Tink, who has just celebrated her 4th birthday and 6th Walt Disney World vacation.
DisneyDad and Tink on Main Street USA in May 2013

Not as cute as we once were, but a photo I'll cherish just the same.  A PhotoPass photographer took this with my camera and really seemed to enjoy being a part of this special photo.  If nothing else, it was a break from his normal routine.
DisneyDad and Amy on Main Street USA in May 2013

Thank you, Dad, for a lifetime of fun memories!  I look forward to many more!! ~Amy

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  1. Aww, Amy, these are so special! I just love these fun pics and that you took the time to re-create them too! <3

  2. Oh my goodness, love your 1979 pose! My daughter doesn't have to be prompted to pose, it's hilarious. I'm heading down to my parent's house tomorrow & will have to look for pictures to remake, what a cute idea!

  3. Awwww, those are adorable!!! I never went to WDW as a kid, but my kids will get to do this with their dad someday :)

  4. So awesome to have these pictures over time, we are trying to do the same with our son.

  5. Love them - you guys are so cute.

  6. Such neat pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  7. A lovely set of pictures! I love both your versions, so sweet - and your daughter's recreation of your pose is just too cute. :)

  8. That's fantastic!! Thanks for sharing your photos!! That inspires me to do the same, if only I could find an old photo to replicate!


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