Friday, October 25, 2013

Have you seen photos like this?

Here at Growing Up Disney we have posted some of the wonderful photos we have taken over the years. Like this one of DisneyDad in front of Cinderella Castle.

Growing Up Disney
DisneyDad at The Magic Kingdom
Of course this photo is good... it's of me!   LOL!  Of course it is a little "flat".  We have over 40 years of photos we have been posting but our next trip in November we will have a new camera with us.  We have recently acquired a Theta360 camera that makes 360 degree photos.  We will be posting some of the new 360 degree photos in addition to the wonderful photos you have come to expect.

Imagine standing on Main Street USA and looking ALL around.  Look at the Train Station, then slowly turn. You view the Emporium, then see the Arcade, Casey's Corner, and then your gaze goes to Cinderella's Castle.  You will be able to see that PHOTO here at Growing Up Disney.  That is just one of the photos I can't wait to post here.

I have two photos I have taken around town where I live just to give you an idea of what the new camera can do.  These photos don't look like much posted here, but click on the link below the photos below to see what it looks like as a 360 deg photo.  The link opens the interactive photo using the Theta360 website.

Growing Up Disney
360 deg photo of a street near my home

Growing Up Disney
360 deg photo of Mom and DisneyDad

These are just examples of what a 360 deg photo looks like.  A tree-lined street and Captain D's is not near as exciting as The Magic Kingdom.   Be watching here to see 360 deg photos of the Disney Parks in two weeks.


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