Monday, December 9, 2013

Five Photos +1: Disney's Old Key West Resort

Today's Five Photo post is of  Old Key West.  Be sure to check out the +1 at the bottom.

On our last visit to Walt Disney World in November 2013 we stayed at Disney's Old Key West Resort.  We are Disney Vacation Club members and Old Key West is our home resort.  I took a few pictures while we were waiting for the rest of the family to arrive.  

OKW was still decorated for fall with this display of pumpkins outside of Olivia's.  Mom found a nice place to wait as I took photos.
Growing Up Disney
Olivia's at OKW with Mom
It was a bright sunny Florida day when we arrived.  The boardwalk outside of Olivia's was beautiful.
Growing Up Disney
The boardwalk outside of Olivia's at OKW
This is a view from the boardwalk across the Marina toward some of the villas at Old Key West.  Inspired by Key West architecture Old Key West is a beautiful resort.  
Growing Up Disney
View of some of the Villas at OKW
The Lighthouse at Old Key West was used as the original symbols for the resort.  It is beautiful by day as well as at night.  It sits by the main pool and houses a sauna in its base.
Growing Up Disney
The Lighthouse at OKW
Old Key West's beauty really comes alive after dark.  Here is a view across the Marina to the Hospitality House.  I love the reflection of the lights in the water at night.
Growing Up Disney
View of Olivia's at night
The SIXTH photo in our Five Photo post today is one of the new SPHERICAL photos.  Click on the photo below or the caption to open the interactive photo.  You can move all around in the photo to see the boardwalk at OKW.  All the Growing Up Disney family is in this photo. But especially Tink and Minnie are striking a pose.  Of course if you look around you see Amy instructing the girls in how to pose.  This is a 360 degree photo after all.  :-)
Spherical Photo of OKW Boardwalk



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