Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Photo Flashback! Love is in the air!

February is when Love is in the air
Disney World Magic Kingdom
Minnie and her Mickey
.  At Walt Disney World that reminds us of the World's most famous couple.  Mickey and Minnie are up in the air in Love... or at least they look like they are enjoying a balloon ride.

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom
Mickey and Minnie in their balloon float - 2014
Mickey and Minnie have a wonderful hot air balloon parade float that they are able to "float" through the parade route in the Magic Kingdom.

These are 2 pictures I took of the parade last year on one of our visits to Walt Disney World.


Focused on the Magic


  1. Love those pics! So colorful & vibrant!

  2. Love this parade! Mickey and Minnie look great in their hot air balloon.

  3. Gotta love Mickey and Minnie!

  4. It's a beautiful parade! Minnie is my fav. Do you like watching Ching the parade from Fronteirland?

    1. I like watching the parades no matter where I am in the Magic Kingdom. Frontierland is a good place to watch from. Amy, Tink, Minnie, and I were standing on one of the benches platforms built up around the trees in Frontierland when we watched this parade. That way our pictures were over the head of all the guests standing next to the parade route.

    2. Don't give away our secrets! ;-) Kidding. I think Frontierland is a great place for watching the parades.

    3. From our time watching this parade in Frontierland, we were not the only ones who thought it was a good place to be. LOL!!

  5. Such fun pictures. That is a great parade!


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