Monday, March 23, 2015

New Disney Games from Wonder Forge

It's springtime!  I am so excited that we can finally play outdoors and put the heavy coats away.  Things are warming up over at Wonder Forge too.  If you need some ideas for gifts for spring/summer birthday parties or holiday surprises, read on.

We were given Doc McStuffins Mix Up! Fix Up! Game and the on-the-go version of Frozen Matching.

Let's look at Mix Up! Fix Up! first.  

For this game, one player is the "patient" per round and the others are the "doctors."  The patient takes an X-ray card (top center below) and slides it into one of the holders (top left below).  Each holder features a different character from the show and blocks off all but one image from the X-ray card.  The doctors spin and then ask a yes/no question of the patient based where the pointer lands.  This eliminates colors, patterns or tools from the field of possibilities.  The blue tiles below are used to cover the blocks on the diagnostic board (top right).  If you guess the correct tool, you get a bandage and the one with the most bandages wins.  

I have played this several times with my three-year-old.  I was a little afraid it would be too complicated but once I convinced her not to tell me what the image was on her card, we truly enjoyed this game and she keeps asking to play again.  It is fun and a good practice of problem solving skills.  Minnie really loves board games and I can see this one joining the rotation of favorites.  Tink (5) was off with Grandma while we were first playing this for review purposes but I think she will really enjoy this one too.

Next, let's look at Frozen Matching.

This is the on-the-go version of the game.  If you are looking for it in your local toy store, note that the package is fairly small.  It would fit perfectly in an Easter basket (or a Christmas stocking if you are REALLY ahead of the game.)

The game comes with 36 tiles.  I think we will get rid of the box and store this game in a ziploc bag.  Then I can easily pop it into a bag to take with us when traveling.  The full version of the game (available in tons of themes from Wonder Forge) comes with 72 tiles.  We have that too and honestly, we normally play with half of the set so this is perfect for us. 

This is a standard matching game where you flip two tiles and look for a match.

After we had played once following the rules, the girls just wanted to check out the cards since this game was brand new to them.  I turned this into a new game.  I'd ask questions to have them look for certain colors, shapes or characters.  

I asked Tink to choose her favorite tiles and this was the result.  The colors are really vibrant in this set.

Wonder Forge sent me Palace Pets Royal Pet Salon game in the fall.  For the first time out, my nine-year-old niece played with Tink.  They did well at following the rules and actually playing the game.  It's been a popular choice at my house but my girls prefer to just play pretend with it.  They like to move the animals around to the different rooms and make up their own stories.  I like that it encourages them to use their imaginations.

As I said earlier, Minnie loves to play games and we have quite a collection. The following games are also from Wonder Forge and are ones we play often. The company did not provide me with these; they’ve been gifts from family.  We just like these so much that I wanted to share.

Enchanted Cupcake Party Game:
Tink received this game when she turned three. My sister-in-law sent it as a birthday gift but gave me the option to exchange it before Tink saw it. That was because this game has lots of little pieces and Minnie was just a baby so we were still worried about choking hazards. But I let Tink have the game as a special “big girl” treat and it has been popular in our house for almost three years. Amazingly, we haven’t lost any pieces and the girls still love to put together the tiny cupcakes. 

Minnie's Bow Bingo:
My "Minnie" got this one for her third birthday. It’s another very popular game with my children. Instead of calling letters and numbers, you pull a bow out of the bag and look for matching colors and shapes on your bingo card. The markers are little Minnie heads…adorable!

Princess Dominoes:
These are just too cute not to share. I’m not sure which piece is supposed to start the game but in our house, the double Aurora is considered the best one.

Thank you to Wonder Forge for sending me the games to review. My kids have enjoyed playing with them and I’ve enjoyed this fun time with my girls.

These are my honest thoughts and no other compensation was offered or received.  The post does contain links to Amazon.  If you purchase through our link, it helps offset our operating costs at Growing Up Disney.

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