Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Photo Flashback! View from the Liberty Belle

A view of the Magic Kingdom from the Liberty Belle.

growing up disney
Liberty Belle
October 2015 Mom and I took a ride on the Liberty Belle riverboat on the Rivers of America in the Magic Kingdom.  If you haven't been on the riverboat in a while you have missed some views of the Magic Kingdom you don't see from any other vantage point.  This is a few of the pictures I took riding the river around Tom Sawyer Island.  See if you can catch where Tom and Huck were white washing a fence.

Growing Up Disney
Haunted Mansion

Growing Up Disney
Harper's Mill

Growing Up Disney
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Growing Up Disney
Train Car on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Growing Up Disney
Alligator Swamp

Growing Up Disney
The "original" Animal Kingdom

Growing Up Disney
Keel Boat

Growing Up Disney
Liberty Square Landing
Riding on the Liberty Belle is a nice escape from all the crowds of people at the Magic Kingdom.  The Liberty Belle carries about 450 passengers on 3 decks.  The views  as you transit around Tom Sawyer Island are beautiful and unmatched anywhere in the Magic Kingdom.

Oh! By the Way.  Tom and Huck were here.
Growing Up Disney
The fence.

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