Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Photo Flashback! Merry Christmas

From the Growing Up Disney family, we hope that your family also had a wonderful Christmas!  We did.  DisneyDad and Mom and Ridge came up to North Carolina to celebrate with us.  We all loved, but especially the girls, having everyone here.  We've been so busy I just didn't get a post out on Monday.  We've got a vacation to Disney Vacation Club's Hilton Head Island Resort in a few weeks and I am going to take a bit of a blogging break between now and then.  DisneyDad and Ridge will keep things going around here.  And we'll do some live blogging from HHI.  I've also been testing some new products and travel ideas.  Baby Minnie's first WDW trip is being planned for November 2012 and I'll be running another half marathon, so stick with us.

Thank you for being here with us for another holiday season and I look forward to sharing with you in 2012.  


  1. Which half are you running?? Wine and Dine?? Sure you don't want to push it back to January?

  2. Thanks Beth!

    Jenn, if I had my way I'd visit for both! We were already booked for November when the Wine & Dine was moved to when we'd already be there. I just added a day to the beginning of the reservation. I'll have to talk DH into a quick January trip too. Best of luck on your race!!


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