Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fun on Hilton Head Island

Right now, Tink and the rest of the family are enjoying some playtime at The Sandbox children's museum. Minnie and I are taking a break so she can nap.

This morning started out with Mickey pancakes for Tink courtesy of Grandaddy (DisneyDad) and a little fresh air on the balcony. What a view! I've taken lots of pictures of the resort and will be sharing them in future posts.

Yesterday Tink and I went to a class for preschoolers at the resort's Community Hall. She was the only child there and loved the one on one time with the cast member for crafts and story time. Andy and I got to have a rare lunch out alone and then took the girls on a driving nap as we explored the island. Dinner last night was an experience and I'll share dining options in future posts too.

Once our littlest traveler awakens, I think we are heading off for some quick Mexican food.

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  1. I wanna do crafts and story time!!! Looks like Tink is having a ball and those mickey pancakes look yummy ;-)


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