Thursday, January 26, 2012

S'mores and the Beach

Andy and I were able to go out on our date last night. Instead of the fancier restaurant we'd considered, the pub won out. He and I had a great time but let's just say it was really obvious that this is snowbird season. The girls stayed with my parents and watched "Peter Pan." We've taken advantage of the free DVD rentals in the general store this trip. Once we got back, it was time for the campfire. Tink loved the silly songs and the fire but our picky eater had to be talked in to trying s'mores. She liked it but it wasn't as well received as her Mickey ice cream sandwich from earlier in the week. The baby went too. Minnie just took it all in. And she liked the graham cracker. This morning DisneyDad took Tink to her butterfly class. It was along the same lines as the bird class from earlier in the week. After that, we shot some Eastman family photos. I didn't have pictures of the four of us so we took advantage of a gorgeous day and the lovely scenery here at the resort. We had lunch at a Greek restaurant and then went to Coligny Beach. Disney's beach house is under refurbishment right now, and while they have made arrangements for guests to use other facilities, we decided to go to the public beach. My parents strolled with Baby Minnie and let her nap. Tink literally dug right in to the sand. I had fun taking pictures of us all. The ones in this post are from my phone. My better shots from this trip will be shared later.Disney bingo is tonight but I think we are going to stay in and relax. Personally, the Mickey ice cream in the freezer and "The Little Mermaid" DVD are calling my name.--Amy

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  1. Sounds like great fun was had by all -yay :-)


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