Monday, April 23, 2012

Minnie Moms: Disney Birthdays

Happy birthday Tink! My daughter (and the mascot here at Growing Up Disney) turned three on Saturday. The blog will be two years old this week too. So in the spirit of celebration, I asked our Minnie Moms to share a special Disney birthday memory with us. 

Amy: Tink was born a Disney kid, so her birthdays are no exception.  Her first birthday was celebrated at Walt Disney World.  The party for her second birthday was just after our big move last year so we stayed home, but the Mickey cupcakes were a big hit.  This year, Little Miss is three and we have moved on to Princesses.  It was a very regal weekend of celebration.  The photo below is one of my favorites.  I just asked her to stop so I could take her picture and this was the pose she came up with.  Ah, I love this girl.  (The new Snow White and Belle dresses and Princess shoe collection were gifts from my parents.)

Natalie: Birthdays are something extremely special to each person. For myself, I was greatly excited in 2009 to hear the “What Will You Celebrate?” Disney campaign offered guests free admission on their birthday! I had long been an annual passholder for Walt Disney World, so I decided I would seize the opportunity to get in free at Disneyland. I had only been to Disneyland once, for 4 hours during a business trip and only remembered riding it’s a small world! Planning for the vacation was wonderful!

On the day of my birthday, I arrived at the parks very early, wanting to allow myself plenty of time to take in all of the attractions. I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to experience Disneyland at a more mature age (no comments please!) in hopes that I would remember the parks offerings a bit better than after my first visit! The day was magical, being spent with my mother, cousin and her son and my son. The highlight of the day was eating at Blue Bayou. The themeing of the restaurant was wonderful, the food was great, though the service terrible! The kids really enjoyed wearing their pirate hats/menus and waving to the guests as they floated by the restaurant on the Pirates of the Caribbean boats.

Anytime you get to spend time in Disney with friends, family and ON your birthday, you are in for a memorable, amazing experience. And thanks so much to Disney for giving me the opportunity to have such a special birthday celebration.

Janine: Although we have not celebrated a birthday in WDW itself, you can bet your bottom dollar that there is a Disney theme to our special days, especially when it comes to Tink.

This year she turned 2 and was lucky enough to have 2 parties - a Mickey and Minnie themed one for her family and a Princess one for her friends.

I made a Mickey head shaped cake and cupcakes for the family party and had a wonderful Mickey head banner, along with table decorations.

The Princess theme for her friends tea-party was a lot of fun, centered around her main present, a Disney Princess singing kitchen. There were Princess cupcakes and cookies, Princess banners and table ware and beautiful party bags. Even her presents from her little play-mates were in keeping!

I can't wait to pick up a few bits in DLP ready for next year.

Corby: I am greatly looking forward to celebrating our daughter's 2-year-old birthday next month at Disney World. Obviously, she's young and probably won't have a clue or remember. Really, we're surprising our son on the last day of school. We'll be celebrating school being out for summer when we drive up to school with bags packed, ready to head to Orlando. Her birthday just happens to fall the day after we check out so I'm going to try to incorporate it in someway, which should be fun. Since we haven't enjoyed any Disney birthday celebrations yet, I will say my favorite Disney related birthday was last year when we decided to surprise our son with a Disney Cruise for his 7th birthday. As you can see from the picture, it went over quite well.

Beth: With three kids, who are all Disney fans, each and every one of our birthday parties has had a Disney theme. I actually think I would be crushed if they didn't choose a Disney theme! Other than a Winnie the Pooh party for Joey's first birthday, he has had a Cars party every year. Emily has always chosen princesses or Minnie Mouse. Hayley has always had princesses from Sleeping Beauty to Ariel and this year, she has chosen Jasmine. Since Hayley's birthday is in July, for her second birthday, we created an all out Little Mermaid Party. We bought an ocean mural that we hung up around the kitchen and our family room. Then out on our deck and yard, we decorated with shells, fish and Little Mermaid toys. It was the perfect theme for the hot summer day. We set up the Little Mermaid sprinkler and the kids were able to keep cool! My mother in law even brought Little Mermaid tattoos for all the kids, which was a big hit, especially with Hayley. The photo I am sharing is one of my favorites from her party. We had just served the cake to everyone, and Hayley and Daddy ate their cake together with Hayley giving him a big sugary kiss!

Thanks to NatalieJanineBeth and Corby for joining me today.  Please visit the Minnie Moms page for past articles and more information about these fabulous ladies. 


  1. Great post. I'll be spending my 40th in WDW in October. When we were there is Feb, I decided that there is nothing I'd like more to do than be in WDW for a family birthday. So we are packing up on a Thursday and will be in Disney for my Birthday on the Friday. We're only be there a long weekend, but it will be great.

  2. How sweet! Loved reading all of your stories. My family is huge on Disney birthdays, and my children have spent every one of them at WDW. :)


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