Monday, April 9, 2012

Not Beating the Crowds

I've seen posts from other bloggers about when to sneak out early from various shows/attractions in order to beat the crowds.  I propose an alternative.  Let everyone else run from place to place like their pants are on fire and you just hang back and saunter on out last.  I know, you must use every nano-second of a Disney vacation to its fullest, right?  Nope.  Slow down.  Look around.  Talk to a Cast Member.  Grab a snack you haven't tried before.  Take one more picture.

In my family, we never rush toward the door as soon as an attraction ends.  We don't bolt from the theatre as soon as a live show is over.  And unless we have small children who demand otherwise, we don't rush out of the parks at the end of the night.  Instead of making a mad dash for the buses, we wait inside the parks for the crowd to die down.  If you normally try to be the first on the tram after Wishes, I suggest you hang back sometime and enjoy the park at the end of the night.  There is a lazy comfort in the parks at closing time.  The lights and music play just for you.  The occasional Cast Member with little to do at that time can make Magic.

One night a few years ago, we were at Epcot after IllumiNations and in no hurry to leave.  DisneyDad and I went into MouseGear to buy bibs for the grandchild-on-the-way that they had just learned about.  Mom stayed outside with her scooter, just enjoying the evening breeze.  A Cast Member came over and struck up a conversation with her.  They chatted for a long time and it turns out that he also worked at Old Key West, where we were staying.  He asked for Mom's name and a couple of days later, a bouquet of flowers appeared in our villa.  What a treat!

Another night, Chris and I had watched the Main Street Electrical Parade and Wishes and then hung around chatting with Jeff the EMT.  By the time we left, he managed to take some great shots of the castle and Main Street.  Chris has also taken his time leaving Epcot and captured impressive images of the World Showcase pavilions.

The next time you are at Walt Disney World, I challenge you to dawdle, piddle, or lolligag.  Look for one more Hidden Mickey.   Ask one more Cast Member about their hometown.  Pull up a bench and watch the park of your choice wind down for the night.


  1. We just got back. We waited and watched the electric parade a second time as thousands were running for the trains and buses. We had great seats near the front (at the Main Street Train Station) with the balony to ourselves. Then hardly a wait at all for a monorail (1 train as it was pulling away). Love the advice, especially at night.

  2. This is great advice! I think so often we try to get the most of our vacation, but forget to enjoy it. .I love this..

    1. Thanks! I am as guilty of spreadsheet abuse as anyone but the best memories seem to come from those times when we just relax and slow down.


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