Friday, September 14, 2012

A Walk Around The World With Ridge -- Last minute trip… again…

In the last few months I have moved my trips around two or three times and I’m right back where I started. I have to laugh at myself with the planning process because I know my stuff when it comes to traveling but making a long term trip plan and sticking to it isn’t my thing apparently. But I want to be at Epcot on its birthday since I myself am only a year and a little more than a week older than the park is. I don’t have a ton of ideas about the trip other than to be at Epcot on 10/01/2012 say Happy Birthday, pick up any swag that may be exclusive, maybe make some plans for a giveaway for later (everyone would like that wouldn’t they?) and see as many of my friends as I can. I have some buttons from my last trip, how about a tweet up on 10/01/12? American Adventure meet up at 4:30 then see the 5:00 show?

No matter what happens I am also excited to see what if anything has been opened in Fantasyland. So much is coming and the changes are exciting. I've been one of the many sticking a camera over the wall to try and get a look. In November, and yes I'll be back in November, there is going to be an Annual Passholder preview that has yet to be announced but I have fingers crossed that it will overlap with our family vacation.

Back to Epcot... 30 Years of Epcot begins on 10/01 to celebrate all that is Epcot and also the Food and Wine festival will kick off the same weekend. I love the EIF&WF, as the kids call it, it has been a time when not only I have tried new drinks and dishes but also I have taken some of my favorite pictures. So I'll give you a taste of some of the fun from years past.


  1. I'll miss the 30th anniversary by 2 days! I fly home on 9/29.

  2. So excited you get to be there for the anniversary! I'm jealous!!! I'll be missing it by 11 days. Boo.


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