Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Photo Flashback: Horizons

October 1, 1983 - January 9, 1999

Horizons Pavilion at EPCOT Center 1993
August 1993 we went on a cruise on one of Premier Cruise Line's Big Red Boats - The Official Cruise Line of Walt Disney World - or at least it was back then.  After the cruise we came back and spent several days at WDW.  Horizons was part of EPCOT Center back then.  It was an interesting ride of things past and future.  I still remember Jules Vern floating around in his "space capsule" on his way to the Moon.  The pavilion has since been torn down and replaced by Mission: Space.

Horizons opened one year after EPCOT Center's opening day and while it is not still around, Epcot is still there and turning 30 on October 1st.  Ridge and I will be making a trip to WDW for the anniversary and will be blogging and tweeting about events at the Anniversary.  I will be taking in as much of Epcot's International Food and Wine Festival as I can and taking lots of pictures to post here at Growing Up Disney.


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  1. Hope y'all have fun! I'm looking forward to updates.

  2. Horizons actually opened on October 1, 1983, one year to the day after EPCOT Center's opening day.

    Enjoy your upcoming trip! My husband and I will be there a few weeks after the anniversary and plan to enjoy the F&W Festival as well! :)

    1. Thanks for catching my mistake!! I had Oct 1, 1983 as the date and put it in as 1982.
      I have corrected the information.

  3. I recall some of Horizons from early trips there. So much has changed and would be great to have back. Enjoy your special trip :)

  4. Thanks for bringing back memories. Any chance of featuring Figment for F? :) Enjoy F&W and perhaps we'll bump into each other.

  5. This is one ride I so with they would resurrect!

  6. My 1st visit to Epcot and Horizons was 1987.
    I was fortunate enough to have seen Horizons several times.I even was able to video the entire ride as well ! To this day i miss the old Epcot Center and it's rides that are now extinct.
    But i still go back for more ! I love Epcot !


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