Monday, September 3, 2012

Simple Ribbon Valance

I'm not the least bit crafty and I know this is off-topic for my blog, but I wanted to share my latest project.  I'm writing this on Sunday and I am currently enjoying a little rare time alone.  Ridge is here visiting for the holiday weekend and he and my husband have taken the girls out for lunch and some sightseeing.  I finally finished the ribbon valance for Tink's room.  I'd hate to admit how long ago I started this.  

My original plan had been to cut lengths of ribbon, fold them over the curtain rod and then hot glue them.  I even bought a hot pink hot glue gun.  Well, it's still in its package.  I decided the other day that I had to make this happen.  I grabbed the ribbon, a pair of scissors, a tape measure and Tink's step for the bathroom sink.  I told my husband he was to keep the girls out of the room until further notice.  Since I had to work quickly and I was measuring on top of the changing table, the hot glue idea was chucked and tying was in.  I cut my ribbon to approximately 40 inches long and then looped it over the bar.  I really liked the effect but I had to buy more ribbon and now it is finally complete.

If you do this yourself, I'd suggest choosing a length that will allow you to maximize your spool of ribbon.  I ended up with a good bit of leftovers.   I thought I would share this because I'd love to see what ideas my crafty friends might have.  While I know I won't get to it, wouldn't this be cute to do for different seasons or for a favorite team during football season?  Before a Disney vacation, you could switch out some or all with ribbon featuring a favorite character.  The Disney ribbon was not on sale like the rest, but I did pick up one roll of Princess ribbon.  The wide ribbon looks a bit like a man's necktie, so I think this would be very cute in a baby boy's room too.



  1. Omg that is so good,hope one is going in a window in my house??? ;-)

  2. That is too cute! We just bought some (now realizing how easy it would have been to make myself!) that are a sheer white, but on the ends are all different colored flowers, one flower on each ribbon. The reason we bought them is the flowers are colored the same as each of the princesses! As soon as the girls saw them, they named each princess that went with each flower. So, as you can imagine, before we even hung them up, the girls' reactions showed us they were the perfect addition to their Disney Princess room!

  3. Beth, that sounds pretty! It's funny you say that because I was realizing yesterday that we had the princess colors in the balance. I was just working with tones in a rug when I bought the ribbon.


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