Friday, October 26, 2012

A Walk Around The World With Ridge -- Storybook Circus

Merch under the Big Top

When I was in Walt Disney World I the chance to see Storybook Circus and experience the new Dueling Dumbos. Also I got a tour of the new merchandise “tent” Big Top Souvenirs with friend and employee @deblady Dana. They do it all under the Big Top, snacks, hats, clothing you name it. Directly across from the shop is Dumbo’s new location.

In the Big Top everything is themed to a traveling circus, I’m just glad that clowns aren’t in here cause then I would be creeped out. The carpet around the middle of the room looks like it is a weaved together canvas ring. Around the center are the registers and a snack station where dipped apples and popcorn are available. There is a hat station to have your favorite ears embroidered in the back of the store as well. All the merchandise that you would normally find all around the park you can find here.
Treats under the Big Top
The Floor looks pretty cool.

Goofy’s Barnstormer is back and re-themed to fit the new area. But to me and probably all the kids the dueling Dumbos are the main attraction. The new design carries over the circus theme and if you can remember the movie the waiting area has elements of the movie. Floating around the ceiling is Dumbo and Timothy Mouse. Inside the waiting area you come up to a cast member who finds out how many are in your party then gives you a pager. The kids have a big play area while the adults can either chase the little ones or have a seat on the bleachers. Everything is wonderfully done and I have to say we waited about 20 minutes to ride Dumbo but it felt like five. I think it will be harder to get the kids to want to leave the waiting/play area to ride Dumbo. I can say that my niece Tink is going to love it. What I can also say is that it was my first time in memory that I have ridden Dumbo. Yeah that’s right I can’t remember ever riding it before. What of it?  Well there is still more to come from Storybook Circus. Pete's Silly Side Show will be open soon and when it ties into the Enchanted Forest it will be a story to tell.

Enjoy a few pictures of the area and know that the theming of the area is excellent.  

Store Front

The Sign telling you so come back! Leave your wallet!

Looking across to Dumbo

More Signs under the Big Top

A look around the at the detail

Signs heading into the waiting area for Dumbo

More signs

Telling the CM how many in our party

Dumbo Play area

More play area

still more play area

Even more play area

Go in here.

Bottom of the side is Sport the fire dog's house.

More of the room

Dumbo and Tim

About to ride


Details of Dumbo

Details of Dumbo

Other signs of things still to come

Pete's side show will be opening soon if it hasn't already

The circus train play area

Circus train play area

Everyone will get wet over here.

Jumbo! Dumbo's Momma

Oh no it's Me!

LOL, me "working"


  1. This looks great, can't wait to see it next year!

  2. We saw this the 2nd week in October and I thought it was awesome. We rode Dumbo and I loved the new store and all the yummy treats looked so good.

  3. I can't wait to see the new fantasyland in December. Thanks for all the pics.


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