Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Photo Flashback: Remember The Big Red Boats?

Sailing on Disney's Big Red Boats

Long before The Disney Cruise Line sailed, in October 1992, Mom and I sailed on our first ever cruise on Premier Cruise Line.  Premier's boats were known as The Big Red Boats and Premier was The Official Cruise Line of Walt Disney World.  Our first voyage was on Premier's SS Atlantic booked through Disney Travel. 

Premier Cruise Line Bahamas
DisneyDad and Mom getting off the SS Atlantic in Nassau, The Bahamas
  We did a second cruise on Premier less than a year later and took Amy, Ridge and several friends and relatives.  The second trip was on the second Premier cruise ship, the SS Oceanic.

Premier Cruise Line SS Atlantic Disney Big Red Boat
SS Atlantic
 When we got back from this cruise we spent a few days at Walt Disney World where we toured a new resort concept Disney had called The Disney Vacation Club.  We didn't join then, but we did in April 1993.

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