Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Photo Flashback! 4 Favorites, Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Edition

Next week, my husband and I will celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary.  Our Disney Fairy Tale Wedding was truly a dream experience.  I wanted to share 4 Favorites from this day.

Favorite Wedding Location: Disney's Wedding Pavilion
Having Cinderella Castle as a background for the ceremony and photos is amazing.

Favorite Bit of Disney Wedding Magic: Majordomo
There is a GREAT story about him...When You Wish Upon A Star

Favorite Wedding Crashers: Mickey and Minnie
My dad managed to surprise me with some very special guests at our ceremony.  For this Disney kid, it doesn't get much better.  
For more on the cake: My Own Wedding Cake Wednesday

Favorite Bridal Photo Location: grand staircase at the Grand Floridian
I had seen many brides take photos in this location before it was my turn.  I love the Grand and love having these special memories there.

Focused on the Magic


  1. I love everything about this post!! :D The Grand staircase photo is gorgeous! I also love how your dad surprised you with Mickey and Minnie!! <3

  2. What a beautiful wedding and precious memories! Happy Anniversary to you two!! My husband and I will celebrate 10 years in June. We honeymooned at WDW.

  3. GORGEOUS pictures!!! The Grand Floridian is so elegant and you are a beautiful bride. Happy anniversary!!!

  4. Wow - what a beautiful wedding, Happy Anniversary!!

  5. Aw what an amazing day it must have been! I really wanted a disney wedding but my (now) husband had never been so didn't realise how awesome it would be! Deffo planning a disney vow renewal in the future though! We had a Disneymoon at least :)
    Happy Anniversary :)

  6. Wow! What a beautiful dream come true wedding!! Happy Anniversary!!


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