Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Star Wars Galaxy Hunt Game Review

In anticipation of the upcoming film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Wonder Forge has released new games featuring characters and starships from the film.  I was given two of the new titles and today I'll tell you about Star Wars Galaxy Hunt Game.

Star Wars The Force Awakens, Star Wars Galaxy Hunt Game

From the box: "Navigate the galaxy, dodging the First Order's fleet of vessels while gaining orbital support from Resistance forces.  Every move you make could lead closer to victory... or unleash an explosive enemy attack."

Star Wars The Force Awakens, Star Wars Galaxy Hunt Game

Galaxy Hunt is a strategy game intended for ages 6 and up.  We played this game with my girls who are 4 and 6 and the little one did just fine.  To play the game, all of the pieces are loaded into the game tray and then you release the red arm to provide tension.  On your turn, you spin and then remove that shaped piece.  Here's where the strategy comes in.  You want to remove pieces that will not make the arm move and points are earned based on what number is indicated on the piece.  Resistance pieces count for you and First Order pieces will subtract points from your overall score.  

Star Wars The Force Awakens, Star Wars Galaxy Hunt Game

BTW my photos are missing the "Space Battle Panel" that is supposed to go on the red arm.  My kids were in such a hurry to play that we missed getting that set up for a good portion of our playtime.  It looks much cooler with the panel in place but didn't impact game play.  

This is a good game for a wide range of ages.  Older kids and adults can get competitive, trying to earn points and remove just the right piece to keep the arm from moving.  It's like a disguised lesson in geometry and physics.  When the younger ones want to play along, the rules relax a little and they will enjoy it when they do make the pieces pop out of the tray.  There is an educational element for the littles too with practice in identifying shapes and adding and subtracting their points.

The Star Wars fans in your life will enjoy the starships and galactic symbols on the game but this is a game for everyone.  Even if you had never heard of the movies (lived under a rock, perhaps?) the strategy elements of this game would be appealing.  

Star Wars Galaxy Hunt will be available soon at Walmart for $16.99 and I'll add a link here when it is available.  I don't make anything off the link; it is just for your convenience.  

Thank you to Wonder Forge for sending me this game to review.
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