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Star Wars Star Destroyer Strike Game Review

I have another Star Wars game review to share with you.  Star Destroyer Strike is a fun new game from Wonder Forge and is based on characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Star Wars Star Destroyer Strike Game

Star Wars Star Destroyer Strike Game

Here's the official description of the game: 
Choose carefully or the enemy will strike!
Strategy and suspense collide in this exciting
escape game! Advance your Resistance
heroes toward safety, but move fast—the Star
Destroyer Finalizer is on your tail. The spinning
starship of the dreaded First Order can aim in
any direction, and you may be in the line of fire!
Bounce the beam off the mirrored deflector
shield toward your enemies, and evade the
surprise laser blasts! It’s fast-moving, family fun
in a galaxy far, far away!

The Star Destroyer is really the star of this game.  It's in the middle of the playing area and starts each round of play.  Each player gets four characters, one each of Chewbacca, Rey, Poe and Finn, and the goal is to move one of them to the safe zone at the end of the arm.  To begin playing, spin the Star Destroyer to start the timer.  It plays some really fun music from the movie and I have a video below so you can hear it and see the laser.  Before the timer runs out, players take turns completing actions from the cards, either a Resistance action that benefits yourself or a First Order action that impacts another player.  When the alarm sounds, play stops and you see if any of the heroes are taken out by the laser fire.  It took us a couple of times playing through the game to get the hang of it but once we understood the rules, we had a really good time.  

Star Wars Star Destroyer Strike Game

This video below isn't the greatest as I was still trying to defend my heroes.  But I really wanted you to see and hear the Star Destroyer to get a feel for this game.  Only my husband and I were playing because my four-year-old was too young for the game and the music scared my six-year-old.  Star Wars music can be rather ominous and Tink really didn't like it.  I think older children and Star Wars fans will love this game.  I'm giving my copy to a friend and her husband and ten-year-old boy are huge Star Wars fans.  Once I get their thoughts, I will update this post.  

The official suggestion for this game is ages 6 and up.  I would agree with that for most six-year-olds.  Tink would have been able to follow along if she hadn't been scared by the music.  My four-year-old thought the Star Destroyer was awesome and just wanted to play with that, so I don't think most kids would be bothered.

Overall, I think Star Destroyer Strike is a game that you will actually enjoy playing with your kids.    They have to practice a little strategy in choosing which pieces to move and which actions to take on their turn.  It's a fast-moving addition to family game night that is enough fun for it to be played with again and again but doesn't necessarily take up a ton of time like some board games.  

This game is exclusively available at Target.  Here's a link.  (It's not an affiliate link, just for your convenience.)  

Thank you to Wonder Forge for providing this game for the review.  (Disclosure)
(The video may not work on a mobile device but is viewable on a desktop/laptop.)

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