Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Spot It! Disney Frozen Game Review

Don't you love it when an educational game is really fun? And simple? And includes favorite Disney characters?  Well, this game is all of that.  

Spot It! Numbers and Shapes Disney Frozen Olaf (long name, good game) is the newest game in the Disney-themed Spot It! line from Blue Orange Games.

Disney Frozen Spot It, Blue Orange Games, Olaf

Disney Frozen Spot It, Blue Orange Games, Olaf

About a year ago, I reviewed Spot It! Words Disney Princess.  Tink really enjoys that game but since you have to be able to read, it is too advanced for the preschool set.  However, the Numbers and Shapes version of the game is perfect for ages 3 and up.

The Spot It! games all work on the same idea.  Each card matches one image/word/number/shape with one image/word/number/shape from each other card.  Minnie enjoys Spot It! Numbers and Shapes and since you can play with 2-6 players, the whole family can play this game together.

There are several variations on the basic game to keep the challenge going but the idea is always to find a match between two cards.  I know that sounds really easy but sometimes it's surprisingly tough to find the match!  

The game comes packaged in a durable tin so you can easily toss this one in your bag to play anytime.  If you need to keep a smaller child occupied while a older child is in a practice or lesson this fall, start up a game of Spot It! and the little one will be secretly practicing their letters and numbers while having fun and enjoying some time with you. And I love that each card works with all the others.  If you lose one, it won't make much difference in game play.  Your youngster can look for a match with these cards on a road trip and if one disappears, no worries.   

The Spot It! games cost around $10.  I've seen them a little more and a little less, depending on where you purchase.  They are available at independent toy stores and the big name stores like Amazon and Target.  

Have you tried any of the Spot It! games?  There are lots of themes available, both Disney and non-Disney options.   The version we played included Olaf and some of his favorite things from summer. 

Thank you to Blue Orange Games for providing this game so we could play it and share with you.  

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