Thursday, December 17, 2015

Disney Imagicademy Activity Books

Tink is now 6 years old and in first grade.  She loves to color, is very creative and is becoming quite a good reader.  I gave her the Disney Imagicademy Science Activity book and it's only a slight exaggeration to say her reaction was just short of what it would have been if I had presented her with a puppy.  

There are two activity books in the Imagicademy collection.  The first is about science and features a Frozen theme.  The second is all about animals and features Mickey and friends.  Each kit comes with supplies to go along with the activities such as colored pencils, stickers, glow pen, rainbow glasses and more.  I love that each book comes with its own zipper pouch to hold the supplies.  A blue bag came with the science kit and a red bag accompanied the animal kit.  Everything has a place and there is no arguing over which bag belongs to which child.  The books are really well made with nice paper, beautiful colors and lots of detail.  The activity pages range from coloring to puzzles to experiments to "mad lib"-type stories.

Tink has worked on her book every chance she could since she got it.  I've had to take it away for bedtime and hurry her in the morning to get ready for school because she was busy with her Imagicademy book.  She has enjoyed the puzzles and we are looking forward to time this weekend to complete some of the experiments.  Earlier this week, the girls and I did a few of the "Mad Lib" type activities as our bedtime stories.  

Disney Imagicademy activity book, Frozen gift
Supplies are in the box on the right and it comes off cleanly from the book.
Disney Imagicademy activity book, Frozen gift
Full listing of supplies
Inside the front cover
The pouch clips on to the rings so it won't get lost!
60 page activity book covering all sorts of basic scientific concepts
Disney Imagicademy activity book, Mickey Mouse book
The roller stamp and glow pen were huge hits with my kids.
Disney Imagicademy activity book back cover
Back cover
Inside front cover
That smart pouch again
60 pages of fun activities and animal facts
Tink especially likes the spray bottle for experiments and the rainbow glasses.
Minnie got the animal book.  We have been working on her book together since she is not reading yet.
Animatedly telling us about the rainbows she was seeing
Minnie loves the glow pen.  I like the "Did You Know?" bubbles that share cool animal facts.
Pluto footprint roller in 4 colors here being used to match each animal to its home
Mickey and friends colored pencils came with the animal book.  The science book has Frozen characters on the pencils.
Tink wanted to show you her snowflakes.  For some reason she grabbed a black marker that was not part of the kit to do this page.  It now lives in the blue supply pouch.  

The Disney Imagicademy books would make a terrific Christmas gift for elementary school children. I could also see this as a great activity during the school break to keep the kiddos busy and learning.   It would certainly buy you some wrapping time.  Or take one with you on a road trip since the supplies are well contained.  There are plenty of pages with a good variety of activities.  

Thank you to Wonder Forge for letting us review their activity books.  I think it's Tink's current favorite review that I've done.  Disclosure  You can get your own books at Target.  They are currently $16.99 online but I'm pretty sure I saw them on sale for $14.99 at my local store this week. 

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