Thursday, December 10, 2015

Pictopia Picture-Trivia Game, Star Wars Edition

My pals over at Wonder Forge sent me the latest from their Pictopia line.  I reviewed the Disney trivia version of Pictopia last year.  We have really enjoyed the game and it's truly one for the whole family.  Now Wonder Forge has a trivia game made especially for Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Pictopia, The Force Awakens gift

Star Wars Pictopia features 1000 questions from the Star Wars feature films, as well as the Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.  

Star Wars Pictopia, board game about Star Wars

Like the original Pictopia, the Star Wars edition's answers are all based on pictures.  Fans of the series are going to love these images of favorite characters, vessels and places.  

Players wager on each question based on how much you think you know about the images on the card in play.  Instead of a traditional flat game board, Star Wars Pictopia has a vertical board and you move across as you earn points.  I like this twist on the standard game.  

Pictopia games are suggested for ages 7 and up.  I agree with that for the strategy portion of the game but younger Star Wars fans will enjoy answering the questions even if they don't understand exactly how the game is played.  With the Disney version, we partner up the kids with an adult so the little ones can still be a part of the game.  

If you are looking for a gift for the Star Wars fan in your life, this would be a fun addition to their collection.  It's available at Target.  As I write this, the cost is $24.99 and they are currently offering free shipping.

Thank you to Wonder Forge for sending this game for my review. Disclosure

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