Monday, November 2, 2015

Spot It! Miles from Tomorrowland Game Review

I think the Spot It! line of games from Blue Orange Games is so much fun that I am thrilled to be sharing another one with you.  I have previously reviewed Spot It! Words Disney Princess and Spot It! Disney Frozen Numbers and Shapes.  Today we have Spot it! Disney Miles from Tomorrowland.  

If for some reason you haven't seen Miles from Tomorrowland yet, it's a really cute new show on Disney Junior.  Miles and his sister Loretta live on the Stellosphere, their spaceship, with their mom (the captain) and dad (the pilot and scientist.)  The family goes on missions throughout the galaxy on behalf of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority.  Disney Parks fans will recognize that name from  the PeopleMover in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom Park.

Miles from Tomorrowland, Blue Orange Games, Spot It, Disney game

Like the other Spot It! games, this one comes in a durable tin which provides convenient storage for the cards at home but also makes this a great game for on the go.  Toss this (or any Spot It! game) in your bag and you can entertain your kiddos while waiting at a restaurant, the airport, big sister's dance class, etc.

Miles from Tomorrowland, Blue Orange Games, Spot It, Disney game

This game is recommended for ages 3 and up.  The Miles from Tomorrowland version comes with more cards than some of the others so you can have up to eight players joining in on the fun.  

Miles from Tomorrowland, Blue Orange Games, Spot It, Disney game

With any two cards in this set, there is always a match.  To play Spot It! Disney Miles from Tomorrowland, you are looking for a match with numbers, letters or characters/objects from the show.  Even though my girls are fans of the show, we did have to briefly study the object names included with the instructions. 

Miles from Tomorrowland, Blue Orange Games, Spot It, Disney game

There are three official variations on the game but the basic idea is always to be the first person to find a match between two cards currently in play.  It's a simple concept but some matches can be challenging, which keeps it fun.  

My youngest daughter is four and in preschool.  Minnie enjoys playing the Spot It! games with me.  It's a good chance for us to get in the floor and spend time together.  She gets to practice identifying letters and numbers but Minnie is having too much fun for it to feel like homework.  Admittedly, we do eventually go away from the official rules but anyone who has played games with preschoolers knows that's just how it goes.  It's fun when she makes up her own rules too.

Thank you to Blue Orange Games for sending us this game to play and review for our readers.  It's an enjoyable, educational game with a fun Disney twist.  Disclosure

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