Thursday, June 16, 2011

DVC has a new logo

The Disney Vacation Club has announced they have a new logo. It was announced yesterday on the Disney Parks Blog. You may read the announcement here. The Park Blog describes it as a "bold new look" to better represent the global reach of the Vacation Club.

It was rather surprising to me to read about the new logo on the Disney Parks Blog. I immediately went to the DVC Members web site, and sitting in the corner was the new logo. I searched, but there was not any "news" about the new logo. Guess for some reason it wasn't important to let members know. It would have been nice to know.

The Disney Vacation Club has changed it's logo before, but not as drastically. The original logo had 3 mountains, and was changed to the long standing 2 mount logo when the Vacation Club added a second resort at Vero Beach.
The Disney Vacation club logo did away with one mountain to create the second logo. This logo has remained for most of the Vacation Club's existance.
So I guess it is "So Long!" to an old Friend, and "Hello!" to a new one as the Disney Vacation Club logo changes once again.

--Disney Dad


  1. I'm a fan of the new logo...although now all my DVC stuff is obsolete haha.

  2. New Blogorail-er stopping by to tag along...

  3. Hi! I actually saw the new logo in my latest Disney Files magazine! On the inside cover they explained the change, and why. I really like it! Better than the mountains. Does this mean that my DVC canvas bag with the old logo is now a collectors item? ;)

    Found your blog originally through the Blogorail!

  4. Guess it will make the old DVC pins worth something though huh?

  5. Thanks for stopping by Blogorail friends!

    Dad's a little behind on his DisneyFiles since he's been helping with the new baby. I wonder when my copy will finally start coming to my new address. I guess I should go check on that...

  6. Good point, WDWDisneyDiva!

    I guess the new logo will grow on me but my first impression is that it is too slick and not as welcoming or friendly as the previous versions.


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