Monday, June 6, 2011

What does Tink think?

I keep getting asked how "Tink" is adjusting and what she thinks of her baby sister. Well, she's two and is full of energy so she doesn't slow down much for a sleepy newborn. Tink does like to touch Ashley and says, "I love baby sister." She doesn't always like it when I have to leave her to go take care of Ashley but most of time she's easily distracted. Her grandparents are a huge help. Andy and I are trying to spend time with Tink and do things together that we've always done, like bedtime. Everyone told me to include Tink and let her help. She's held a diaper for me but she's usually busy with something else.


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  1. Aw bless her! I bet she will soon start to want to play "mommy" too, and will be "helping" you loads lol. Glad she's adapted well, she's a great kid :-)


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