Monday, January 21, 2013

Girls' Trip Day 1: The Adventure Begins

The first day of our trip went really well. We had a direct flight from Raleigh to Orlando and the girls behaved nicely. We had a row to ourselves and they enjoyed getting snacks and juice. They watched Cinderella on my iPad for most of the flight. Tink was a champ. Minnie got fidgety at the end but it's hard to contain a 19 month old for long. An iPod Touch in a Fisher Price case and a few silly songs from Mom certainly helped.

We met up with my bestie, Amy S., near the Magical Express area. We waited about 10 minutes for a bus but the girls were thrilled to see Aunt Amy so it went by quickly.

Once at Old Key West, we got checked in (score! First floor room so I don't have to carry the stroller up stairs!), borrowed DVDs, bought dinner from Goods to Go, groceries from the general store and picked up the stroller loaned to me from Simple Stroller Rentals. (I am very pleased with it so far. Full review after I get home.)

Amy's suitcase was already here when we arrived at the room!

After dinner and a little settling in, we took a boat to Downtown Disney. It was packed. Somehow I've never gotten Ice cream at Ghirardelli before. We tried twice but the lines were too long for the kiddos. The highlight of the night was making shirts at Design A Tee. We'll wear them for our princess breakfast on Thursday.

Despite plans to the contrary, we stayed out too late and both girls fell asleep on the bus home. Tink crawled in the stroller when we got off the bus and went right back to sleep. She stayed in the stroller until I moved her to the bed about an hour later after I had unpacked and gotten Minnie and I ready for bed. Minnie happily watched Lady and the Tramp while I unpacked suitcases.

We didn't have the best night of sleep but I have plenty of coffee and another plan to get us home earlier tonight. Today we are off to a late breakfast at Chef Mickey's and then to Magic Kingdom to meet more friends.


  1. Sounds like you're off to a great start! I look forward to reading more...

  2. Looks great so far :)


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