Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Girls' Trip Day 2: Not According to Plan

Our first full day was supposed to begin with a late breakfast at Chef Mickey's. Well, Tink wasn't feeling well so we called to cancel. Once she was doing a little better we headed to the Magic Kingdom. Since Tink has needed to rest more, I've been thankful for the comfy seats of our stroller from Simple Stroller Rentals.

When we arrived at Magic Kingdom, we were routed to the area testing MyMagic + for park entry. It caused a little bit of hassle that Tink and I had annual passes and Amy S had a ticket on her Key to the World card. Some of the cast members insisted we all go that way while a couple chastised me for being where I was told. In the end, a plaid-vested CM quickly scanned our APs and we were on our way.

We arrived in Town Square just as a Limited Time Magic Long Lost Friends meet and greet was wrapping up.

Then it was on to Pinocchio's Village Haus for lunch. Aunt Amy and the girls scored us a window seat overlooking the "it's a small world" loading area. I tried the caprese flatbread. The crust was soggy. A salad and tomato basil soup is a much better lunch.

Small world had a 15 minute wait so we queued up. Minnie loved it. It was precious to see her trying to take it all in.

With one little girl not feeling well, high MLK crowd levels and two adults who've seen this all before, we went for a walk. First stop: Contemporary. Minnie fell asleep while we were on the walking path. Tink just rested. After Aunt Amy got a frozen coffee drink, we took the monorail to the Grand. Amy and I both adore that resort so we went there to relax. I'd hoped to get Tink to eat something so we got some fruit and goodies at Gasparilla Island Grill. She didn't want to eat but I had a yummy pastry overlooking the marina with Cinderella Castle in the distance.

After buying Tink a new Tinkerbell coloring book, we headed back to Old Key West. Having a bus to ourselves was great, especially since Minnie's sippy cup leaked milk all over the place. Cleaning up on a moving bus was a challenge.

Back at Old Key West, we spent the evening resting and watching movies. DVC resorts offer free DVD rentals to members.


  1. Oh no! Hope your little one feels better soon! And, what a hassle just to get in! Hopefully, the rest of the trip goes smoothly. Though, relaxing at the Grand Floridian is always a good idea! :-)

  2. So sorry Tink is sick :( hugs from auntie Nine and really hope she feel better ASAP!!!


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