Sunday, January 27, 2013

Girls' Trip Day 4: "The Lion King Show"

We didn't have plans for Wednesday. Our original idea had been to go shopping or to a resort for lunch or just generally relax. Since our trip had not gone according to plan, we decided to make it another park day.

My friend, Amy S, had not seen Festival of the Lion King and I really wanted her to catch it before the show is closed or moved to make way for Avatarland. We had discussed Amy and Minnie going alone but Tink insisted she had to "see the Lion King show." After about 6 hours at the emergency room the night before, I wasn't in a hurry to take her anywhere. But her nausea was controlled by her medication and I thought maybe the fresh air would be good for her, so I agreed she could go.

After Uncle Chris arrived with medication and supplies, we headed over to the park with a backpack filled with powerade, a change of clothes, and anything we might need to clean up if this went wrong. Both of the girls fell asleep on the bus and stayed asleep when we transferred them to the stroller.

We were going to Africa for a snack/lunch, but the band was in full swing so we detoured through the Oasis and found two beautiful parrots to admire. Nothing snack-wise appealed to us in Asia other than camomile tea for me so we went to Restaurantasaurus to get a quick bite and sit inside with the sleeping children. Since the kids were snoozing, we were able to take in the double stroller. I was thrilled that the airstream trailer was available and gave us a private nook for lunch and resting.

After a late lunch, our next stop was Camp Minnie Mickey. Tink still wasn't interested in eating but Minnie enjoyed sharing a worms and dirt ice cream sundae with me. Aunt Amy took our littlest one to see Minnie Mouse while I worked with Tink and stowed the stroller. My Minnie was ecstatic to see her mouse namesake.

The former Pocahontas theatre is now just a stroller parking area. Tink wasn't up to much walking yet (her medication made her very sleepy) so I carried her in to the theatre, where we got the second row behind the reserved section.

The grown-ups both loved Festival of the Lion King and we agree that it is the best live show at Walt Disney World. Tink was fascinated if still not cheery and Minnie paid attention to most of it.

After the show dismissed, Amy took Minnie to play and Tink and I headed to first aid. The afternoon parade was coming by so we weren't able to get there until it was over. I'm glad the Tree of Life provides some nice quiet corners. Once in first aid, the nurse checked Tink's temperature (normal) and gave her a bottle of red powerade, explaining that was what Mickey drinks when he doesn't feel well. That didn't really fly but again Tink listened just well enough to hear the nurse say she could eat at Popsicle. We went in search of an itsakadoosie, the long swirly ice pop sold in the parks. Well, it was 4:30 on a day when the Animal Kingdom closed at 5:00 so most everything was closed. The one cart I found did not sell what we wanted. Oh well. Aunt Amy bought us a frozen lemonade from another kiosk. I thought it was tasty but the kids found it way too tart.

Another journey by bus and we were back at Old Key West, again calling it a night early. Another round of DVDs from Hank's Rent and Return and a delivery pizza were our plans for the night. After barely or not eating for days, Tink ate most of two slices.

We had had some improvement that day but sadly, I cancelled our princess breakfast at Akershus for the next morning. This had been the thing we were all looking forward to the most while planning this vacation but we had to be flexible.

**We did have one great day on this trip and I'll share that very soon.**

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