Saturday, April 13, 2013

Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings: Photos You Just Can't Take Anywhere Else

Today Andy and I are celebrating our eighth wedding anniversary.  Our Disney Fairy Tale Wedding was truly a magical experience.  One of the things I loved as a Disney kid was all of the wedding photos that you just can't take anywhere else.  Let's take a look at a few of those special images.   ~Amy

Disney wedding photos, monorail in disney wedding photos
If you are going to be photobombed, the monorail is pretty high on the fun scale.

disney wedding, monorail
LOVE THIS! They told us the monorail was required to stop if they saw a wedding couple.  And purple is my favorite color! 

wedding couple beside limo
How "Grand" is this?!? (And we went with a limo over Cinderella's Coach $$$.  I ran the marathon the day before our wedding planning session and decided the coach just didn't go far enough for me.)

disney wedding pavilion, cinderella castle in wedding photo
Cinderella Castle.  Need I say more?

wedding couple under arch, cinderella castle in distance
Another great view of Cinderella Castle.  The wedding pavilion is perfectly positioned for beautiful backdrops.

majordomo at Disney's Wedding Pavilion
Majordomo = Amazing  Be sure to check out the full post on him and the awesome prank pulled on our brothers.

disney wedding cake, white chocolate castle
Our Disney wedding cake was beautiful and delicious.  Don't miss the entire story.

white chocolate slipper, cinderella slipper dessert


    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Wow, your pictures are beautiful! It looks like fairy tale! :) I honeymooned in Disneyland and loved every minute of it, but your wedding pictures are absolutely incredible!!

  3. Beautiful shot! Love the one with the castle and the one with the monorail!


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