Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TNT (Tips N’ Tricks)—The Great Escape

OK, so here is a simultaneous tip and story about what could have been quite possibly the best 12 dollars I have ever spent at Walt Disney World. As everyone knows or will find out, leaving EPCOT after Illuminations can be an adventure. Depending on your time of year, the bus stops can become purgatory, endlessly waiting on Charon to ferry you across the river Styx back to your hotel only to awaken the next day to do it again (think Prometheus but without the chained to a rock eating your liver thing). So one night after park closing on one of the many mini trips my sister and I used to take before she got married and I got a real job (I think I was still in college at the time,) we came out of EPCOT after a hot and particularly exhausting day only to see the bus stop looking like a cow pen, lots of mooing but nobody leaving. Then I spotted our means of escape, the taxi… The taxis at EPCOT are found in the center parking areas at the bus stops, just FYI. So we made a break for it, hopping into the back seat and laughing as we were delirious from a lack of sleep. I am pretty sure I had only had 4 hours because my plane was delayed the night before and I didn’t get in until 3am. The ride from EPCOT took only about 15 minutes and we were staying at Port Orleans Riverside. The fare was only about 10 bucks and I tipped a couple and we were home at last. Laughing all the while, knowing if we hadn’t used such a wonderful adventure in transportation that we would have still been standing at the bus stop and then packed in like sardines to get back, neither one sounding like a great idea to us. So I highly recommend at the end of a long day, when the busses are packed to capacity and your patience has worn thin…take a taxi, it is worth it.
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