Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blogoversary Month: The Growing Up Disney Family

In April of 2010, my family met up at Walt Disney World to celebrate my daughter's first birthday.  My brother and I had been avid podcast listeners for a while but my dad had just gotten an iPad.  Chris and I were suggesting shows we liked and the idea of our own podcast was kicked around.  Once we returned home, I decided I just had to write about what I had learned.  I had many questions prior to taking my daughter to the World for the first time.  I really had to dig for many of the answers and still learned much of it the hard way.  We lived far from family and I was already blogging about "Tink" so setting up an additional blog was quite easy.  One rainy afternoon while the little girl napped, I began writing about my favorite place.

Soon I asked Chris to be a guest blogger and that role quickly grew.  We worked into a regular posting schedule and convinced Dad to hop on board.  (It didn't take much arm twisting for either one of them.)

We've each written our own bios and you can find them on "The Family Behind the Blog" page.

Chris (AKA Ridge) has really done a fantastic job and I am thrilled to be working with him.  We are very good friends and it's hard to live so far from home but this project helps.  I've always thought he was smart and funny and he brings that to the blog in his writing.  Check out a few of his articles on his page.  Chris has also become quite good at photography.  Especially on his recent solo trip, he's taken some impressive shots for the blog.   His Flickr Photostream is always on the upper right column of the blog, so if you need a little escape, drop by and look through some of his photographs.

The trunk of this Disney family tree are my parents.   Be sure to visit the "The Family Behind the Blog" page for their story and an adorable picture in front of the castle from their honeymoon.  Dad's been into Disney online boards and such since the Prodigy days (anyone else remember that?)  His main interest is Disney Vacation Club and his articles can be found here.  I love the way he writes and I'm glad we are gathering all of these family stories.  For those of you new to the blog, that's DisneyDad's hand in our logo image.  He was walking Tink down Main Street for the first time, just a couple of days before she turned one.  (LOVE that photo!)

From time to time, all three of us will answer one question.  I keep those articles listed on the "Trip Planning" page.  Sometimes we answer the questions we are asked all the time as frequent Disney guests.  Other times we reminisce or dream.  Each Wednesday, one of the three of us shares a photo from our family's nearly 40 years of WDW visits.

As we celebrate the end of our first year, I thank these two wonderful men for working on this project with me and I look forward to making more Disney memories with them.


  1. Happy blogoversary! I've always enjoyed reading your blog and am proud to ride the Magical Blogorail with Growing Up Disney. May your next year be filled with magic and pixie dust! ºOº

  2. Happy blogoversary! How wonderful that it's a family project! I <3 it!

  3. Congratulations! It's very fitting that blogging about Disney has become a family affair :)


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