Friday, April 1, 2011

A Walk Around the World with Ridge: More From Flower & Garden

The Epcot Flower & Garden Festival was a really neat experience that I am very glad I was able to attend this year. The exceptional work done by the small army of cast members who come in under cover of night changes the face of Epcot. This week's post is just a few of my favorite pictures from Epcot and this year's Flower and Garden Festival.

The Imagination Pavilion is still one of my favorite attractions I love the way this building looks at night.

Who among us didn't grow up with Winnie the Pooh?

The Lion King.

I really liked the face as Timon is ready to serve up Pumba some fresh grubs.

The newest feature was Rapunzel's tower. Every few minutes she sings her song of renewal and then her hair that is draping down around the tower lights up. Very impressive at night. Until just yesterday I had not seen Tangled so admittedly I had no idea to the significance of the song or her hair. Now that I know what it means...good job Disney.

I took far too many pictures to show them all so feel free to check our my flickr account here.

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