Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two Years--Ridge

Two years… yowzer…. It’s hard to believe and soooo much has happened in that time. Big thanks to my partner, editor, boss, big sis, mother to my two beautiful nieces and my friend Amy for getting me to do this with her. Thanks to my parents for allowing me to go crazy with the DVC points in the last two years and go to the World for “work” about nine or ten times and buying me my camera for my birthday a few years ago and really sparking my already existent photography interest and making it a full blown obsession that I have dumped so much money into and invested so much time into reading and practicing and believe it or not I’ve even gotten paid a few times for my work. To all my friends I have met in these two years from twitter and the blogosphere I can’t wait to see you all again in about three weeks for Star Wars Weekends. One of my favorite memories was from One More Disney Day being on Main Street for Less than a half an hour before running into a group of friends and instantly having a picture taken as a group. Thinking of that Todd if you still have access to that picture I would like to get a copy :)

Thank you all for reading and becoming our friends. It’s nice to meet people that share our disease.

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  1. And thank you for being part of the best blog ever ;)


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