Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Photo Flashback! Mission: SPACE Passholder Preview

In 2003, Ridge and I took a brother/sister trip to Walt Disney World for the Annual Passholder Preview of Mission: SPACE.  We rode it over and over.  Ridge survived more trips to Mars than I did.  After about three in a row, I was off looking for some Sprite while he took another trip.  We met a young teen in line who was pretty much spending his whole vacation there trying to see how many times he could ride this attraction.  I really enjoy Mission: SPACE but with pregnancy and then trips with babies, I haven't been able to ride it in years.

Here we are playing with one of those disposable wide shot cameras.

What do you think about Mission: SPACE? Are you Team Orange or Team Green?  Or Team Walk-On-By?

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