Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Photo Flashback! Cinderella Castle, 1975

For this week's Photo Flashback I've pulled out Mr. Peabody's Way-Back machine... otherwise know as old photo albums.... to find 2 pictures of Cinderella Castle from 1975.  I think the trees have grown just a little since then.  

Hope you enjoy these old photos.


Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom
Cinderella Castle from 1975

Growing Up disney magic kingdom 1975
This photo was taken from the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House in 1975

Focused on the Magic


  1. I like the interesting angles you can get from the treehouse- you don't see those every day!

  2. Great shots! I love the old look when the trees weren't so big. Thanks for sharing and for joining in on the Disney WW Blog Hop fun today!

  3. So interesting to see all of the changes around the castle over the years. Thank you so much for sharing this :)

  4. Really awesome pics. Love them Amy :-)

  5. There is nothing better than looking at old Disney pics! So fun to see!!

  6. Nice shots! Love the retro Disney pics!

  7. Aww, these are great pics, Amy! Thanks for sharing the retro Cinderella Castle!


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