Friday, March 8, 2013

A Walk Around The World With Ridge -- Picture Day!

In honor of Star Wars Weekends beeing only 10 Weeks away, here are 10 fun photo's from my Last Weekends Adventures.
keep up with me as we get closer to trip time for ideas on how to have a fun and event filled Star Wars Weekend. This year I'll be going with a friend who has never experienced Star Wars quite like this.
R2-D2 is out for a morning stroll to meet his fans.

Chewbaca.. you're taller in person.

C3PO and R2 still giving each other the business on reopening day.

Capitan Rex.... oh, that explains a lot.

Mickey uses his Jedi mind tricks to get us all to keep spending money.

One of my favorite things is an AT-AT looking through the trees.

Dang it man! Always and I mean always let the Wookie WIN!

Anthony Daniels  putting on, I mean hijacking the show.

Who doesn't need an Ewok with a Slash complex?

Did anyone know that Boba Fett's mom worked here on weekends?

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