Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring Fever or No WDW Reservations!

Spring Fever or No WDW Reservations!

Magic Kingdom Castle GrowingUpDisney
Cinderella Castle - One of my favorites sights at WDW
OK… we are getting close to the end of winter.  Spring will begin soon and spring fever will begin to set in.  For me it has started already. 

Today is March 1st and I don’t have any reservations for a trip to Walt Disney World!

In January, Amy went to Walt Disney World with her girlfriend from college, Amy, and daughters, Tink and Minnie.  It was the first time my granddaughters had been to Walt Disney World without me.  I sat at home reading emails, seeing her posts to Facebook (link to FB here) and to here at Growing Up Disney, just as many of you did.  IT WAS HORRIBLE!  They were at Walt Disney World and I was at home! (See Amy's January Girls Trip report under the Trip Planning tab)
Walt Disney World GrowingUpDisney
Looking towards Olivia's at OKW
As I sit writing this, I do not have any reservations to go to Walt Disney World and don’t know when I’ll be going back.  I am very busy at work this year and dreaming of the time I can retire when trips will be easier to plan.  I’ve been talking to my wife about a trip in December for our 40th wedding anniversary, but have not made any reservations.  We went to Walt Disney World on our Honeymoon in 1973. (See The Family Behind the Blog tab for an almost 40 year old picture from our honeymoon).  I had talked to her about going on the Disney Vacation Club Members Cruise on the Disney Cruise Line in September to celebrate our anniversary but she did not want to spend that much money on a trip.  Since Amy and her family live a few states away, if her family is not going with us to Walt Disney World, I rather vacation at her house to visit with the granddaughters. (Thank goodness for FaceTime so I get to see them occasionally).

Old Key West WDW GrowingUpDisney
Tink and Minnie at OKW resort before a day at the Parks
So I sit here with my spring fever getting worse, thinking about our next trip, yet to be planned.  My wife asked me last week where I’d like to go for dinner.  I answered, “Olivia’s” and she surprise me by saying, “Me too!”  Of course, Olivia’s is the restaurant at Disney’s Old Key West Resort and is pretty much my stock answer to where I’d like to go for dinner.  There are better restaurants at Walt Disney World than Olivia’s, but it is the restaurant at my Home-away-from-Home at Walt Disney World for the past 20 years and I enjoy eating there. 

And besides, if I can eat at Olivia’s it means I am at Walt Disney World!
OKW Growing Up Disney
Disney's Old Key West Resort --- like the sign says :-)
December is a long way off, and it may take till then before I go back.  There may have been an occasional year over the past 20 years since we became Disney Vacation Club Members that we have not been at least once… but not very many.  And I do have Amy and Ridge who would love to use our Vacation Club Points for a stay if they can (both of them are listed as owners on our DVC deeds).  Ridge has a reservation for May for Star Wars weekend.  Amy currently does not have any reservations as this year is busy for her too. 
And I sit here dreaming of when I will be back.


AK Growing Up Disney WDW
Tink at Animal Kingdom
 Do you have reservation?  When is your next trip?  When is your favorite time to visit Walt Disney World?  Have you seen New Fantasyland? 
I’d love to hear about your trip plans. - DisneyDad
WDW Epcot Spaceship Earth Growing Up Disney

MK WDW Growing Up Disney
Entrance to New Fantasyland at The Magic Kingdom


  1. I'm headed to Disneyland for two days on Monday! I'm SO EXCITED! The priorities are checking out Carsland, eating at Carthay Circle, and my first ever meal at the Blue Bayou! :D :D :D

    1. WOW! I've never been to Disneyland. Your trip does sound exciting!! Love to hear all about it when you return.


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