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Magical Blogorail: Best Disney Photo Spots

Welcome to those of you joining me from A World View and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 3rd stop on our Magical Blogorail.

Today the men of Growing Up Disney look at some of the best Disney Photo Spots.

First up, Ridge gives his Ideas for photo OPS at Walt Disney World.
Disney does a good job of providing signage for photo spots around the parks but there are other great places to get a photo that may not be marked.

  • The Castle, this great icon doesn’t have a terrible spot, recently I have gotten to where I love the back of the castle with all of its windows more than the front. It looks especially nice at night. 
    Growing Up Disney World
    Cinderella Castle
    New Fantasyland, Gaston’s fountain is a neat spot and with it lined up just right the antlers on the sign to the tavern give the statue an awesome look. It’s a nice bit of whimsical. The front doors at Be Our Guest, with the lion statues are going to quickly become a favorite.
  • The Rose garden, you can shoot the flowers or people from many angles and still come up with a magical shot that takes minimal effort. Anytime I can sneak the castle in the background I’m going to try.
  • Extra standalone features like the Smoke Shop Indian on Main Street or Casey’s Corner statue of Casey are fun little extras to take a picture with or of.
  • Epcot has an endless variety of things and people and backdrops to choose from.  Italy, Germany, even the fountain or garden in France. Anywhere in world showcase can be inspiring for pictures. All the features and details that have been placed will make for great pictures.
  • Almost anything at night! have tripod will take night pictures. After Illuminations, closing time is coming but you have an hour or more before you start getting swept up from World Showcase. It’s worth the extra lap to get some night shots with no one in them!
    Growing Up Disney world
    Tree of Life detail
    Animal Kingdom is so full of ideas it’s hard to pick just one. I like to walk off the main path and stay near to the “river” when the water is clean and not covered with algae.  I’ve gotten a great shot in Asia, that now hangs over my couch and is my current desktop background at work that just was an absolute find.

The Best Photo Spots from DisneyDad:

To me the best photo spots are some of the most photographed and least photographed spots in The World.

growing up disney world
Close up of Cinderella Castle
First Cinderella Castle has got to be the most photographed spot at Walt Disney World.  I have pictures dating back to 1973 of the castle. My favorite photo spots are from the left or right of the castle rather than a straight on shot down Main Street.  You can either take an interesting picture of the Castle from here or have a great background for your favorite subject.

growing up disney world
Monorail inside EPCOT
At EPCOT there are hundreds of places to take interesting photos.  I have lots of shots of Spaceship Earth taken from different angles, daytime and night.  But one of my favorite shots are of the Monorail as it goes through EPCOT.  There are several places you can take some nice pictures with the monorail.

growing up disney world
Butterfly at Disney's Animal Kingdom
At Animal Kingdom I have many photos of the Animals.  And why not.  It is the ANIMAL Kingdom after all.  There are several spots to take some very nice shots of the animals.  Of course PATIENCE is a must to get that special shot as the animals don't always pose just right for you.  And there are so many places to put your favorite subject in front of some beautiful landscapes.  And don't forget not all animals are behind the fence.  Watch for the small animals like a butterfly.

Detail of Chinese Theater
at Disney's Hollywood Studios
For Disney's Hollywood Studios the building facades Down Hollywood Boulevard make some interesting shots.  And of course the Chinese Theater of The Great Movie Ride.  Don't forget the details of the buildings.  Most people rush by and miss the details Imagineers put into the buildings.

Sign on Christmas shop in Liberty Square
Details, Details, Details.  That is what sets Disney apart from regular "amusement parks".  Everything is there for a reason.  Disney has a back story for everything.  Walt Disney said, "A good story can take you on a fantastic journey."  Take time for the details they can make some great photos.

Know the significance of Kepple?

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  1. The monorail with the rainbow over it is cool! Now I'm off to look up Kepple...

  2. Great pictures Amy!! I can't wait to see Fantasyland!!

  3. I tend to agree that Animal Kingdom has many great places for photos; the diversity of exotic lands is extraordinary.

  4. I agree that the backside of the castle is often overlooked, yet it's just as beautiful to photograph. I'm a big fan of anywhere in Disney that integrates nature with imagineering.

  5. Great photo spot tips! I love them all!

  6. Enjoyed this post! What a great tip to swing through the World Showcase at night, after Illuminations = no people Cool! thanks :)


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