Monday, May 14, 2012

Disneyland Paris Planning with Nine: Part 8, Almost Ready

So now we have reached May there is just over a month until we make our first family trip to DLP.  Several interesting things have occurred since my last update. 

1. We have become DLP shareholders and have joined the exclusive Shareholders Club.  This gives a whole range of perks not dissimilar to things I believe you can get at WDW if you own DVC or an AP.  We will get discount in restaurants and shops, including the UK Disney Store! And access to the Parks via Mickeys Salon which means less of a queue and free coffee and pastries, ooh-la-la!
And even more exciting news, shareholders got an extra gift this month, 4 x VIP FP for one day of your choice! No lines for us!!! Cool huh?

2.  We have paid off the balance of the holiday and booked and paid for all the travel - the Euro Tunnel on the way there and a ferry with luxury cabin (afternoon tea served in the cabin, how very English) on the way home.

3.  We have a new lightweight stroller for this year, a Maclaren Volo in bright pink and both Tink and I adore it, so much easier.

4.  Several items of clothing have been purchased, DH, Tink and I all have a Donald, Daisy or in my case, Donald and Daisy tee-shirt to wear on one of the ways in the Parks :-)

5.  I have done way too much research into what to eat at the Parks - many an hour has been wasted drooling over CS menus.  But the winner has got to be EOS (yes there is one in Paris too in the Disney Village) and thankfully it has The Caprese - mozzarella, plum tomatoes and basil ... what more could you ask for?  A lot of the CS places do either a grilled veggie/cheese sandwich or cheese pizza and I'm perfectly happy with this.

6. Plan is roughly as follows -
25/6 - leave in-laws.
Drive to Euro Tunnel.
Arrive France 1225pm
Arrive DLP approx 3pm
Check in at Sequoia Lodge.
Dump bags and go straight to Disneyland Park.
Grab a sandwich at EOS and return to room by 7pm for early night and unpack, settle Tink.
26/6 - up early to enjoy EMH.
Enter DP through Salon Mickey for free coffee/cakes.
Grab CS lunch then back to room for rest/nap.
After nap enter Walt Disney Studios.
Stay as late as Tink can make it (she doesn't go to sleep in buggy)
Grab some CS dinner (pizza probably) to take back to room.
27/6 - up early to enjoy EMH
Enter DP through Salon Mickey for free coffee/cake and to pick up VIP FP for day.
Spend couple hours in DP then over to WDS for any final rides.
1pm leave DLP and drive to family farm house to enjoy another 8 days of holiday :-)

7.  My most exciting news this month though I am sorry to say has nothing to do with my plans for DLP except to make the trip even more exciting ... we're going to WDW in September!!!  This is a very last minute trip for us as usually we have at least a year to plan and indeed save up, but we've recently had a 'You only live once' moment and that meant only one thing - a trip to Florida was just what we needed.
So as it stands in June 25-27 we will be at DLP and Sept 22 through Oct 6 we will be in WDW.  I'm not sure things can get anymore exciting this year!

Make sure you join me next month when it'll be just days til we finally leave for Tink's first taste of Magic.

Contributed by Janine P. of Swindon, England. She is a proud wife, mommy to Felicity and one of our Minnie Moms.  Follow along throughout this monthly series as she plans her first trip to Disneyland Paris.

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