Monday, May 21, 2012

Technical difficulties.

I'm always suffering from one technological malady or another. So this trip it's not being able to get my tablet to connect to the hotel wifi or email pictures and you know good and well I have pictures to share. So I'll show off a few things that I have on my phone.

You are not seeing things, this is a bird outline on the window at AKL. I happened to just be looking in the right place to see it and asked a CM that was passing by if that was normal. She said it happens more than you would think. I'm guess crows... They are in the windex commercials after all....

I took out for adventure at Animal Kingdom this morning and saw these jewels. Think Dr. Dre makes some Beats like this?

I took the obligatory trip to see the Yeti and the Safari. Then I was pretty well done just shopping my way back to the exit. Also at the age of 30 mailed my first postcard (ever) from the park. I felt like I should have remembered how to do that since when I was in elementary school.

Dinner at Fulton's Crab House was last night and you'll have to wait for the review.

This post took me all afternoon and night to get up cause I have been moving so much. In the next few days I'll have pictures and stories going up. As for me it's packing and travel today.

Have a Magical Day!

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