Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lunch Time. Sanaa

As one should expect when they travel to such a busy location my room is not ready. So I'm trying Sanaa. I'm going to come back and take some better pictures of the restaurant but in the interest of not passing out I sat at the bar. Breaking my heart right? More people should, bartenders are fun people that like to cut up.

I tried the Tandoori Chicken because really I've had it lots of places it should always be a solid item. Verdict: it was. Served on a piece of naan with minted veggies and a very savory taziki sauce. Hard to go wrong here. Had I not been dining alone I would have gotten the bread appetizer. Choose three kinds of bread and dipping sauces....mmmmm

If you know me you'll also know I had a beer. Tusker from Kenya. A nice amber lager from Kenya. Very crisp and refreshing.

Since I'm on a "working" vacation I had to try a desert. I tried an African answer to a banana split. The Banana Kulfi Sundae. Banana Kulfi (African ice-cream. Very dense) chocolate syrup fresh whipped cream, raspberry sauce, diced strawberries, spiced cashews and a dried piece of pineapple. Please try that.

After lunch I have been sitting outside watching the cattle. It's nice to have nothing pressing to do for a few minutes. I'll go meet some friends later.

It might be nap time while holding for my room and watching my zagg sparq charge.

Bonus pic: not so hidden Mickey.

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  1. Sounds yum! I tried Sanaa on my last visit and ate alone and (only slightly shamefully) enjoyed the bread appetizer. Pretended not to eat all of it even though I totally could have!

    review here:

    Hope you have a good trip!


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