Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quite a Day at Magic Kingdom

This morning we got to Magic Kingdom and our first order of business was Fastpasses to meet princesses and Mickey. I got everyone's ticket and headed to the distribution machines. Around the corner was Mary Poppins, with no line. I called Tink over and she got to chat and have photos taken. The Cast Member has been in that role for at least two years because we met her at 1900 Park Fare on Tink's first birthday trip.

Anyway, we had some time to kill before our Fastpass return time so we headed down Main Street to take some pictures. I'll share those later. As we were meandering to the castle, rhe Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party came along and we had a wonderful spot for it. Tink and Minnie both loved the music.

After that, it was off to the baby care center. Like my strollers, I love that place so much more with two kids. It was so nice for the one I wasn't working with to have a nice place to play while waiting her turn.

Then back to meet Mickey, Minnie Aurora, Belle and Cinderella. Bless whoever decided to put Fastpass on these meet and greets. Tink was hellbent on meeting princesses but there is no way we could have waited an hour to do so. She was super cute with all of the characters and had a wonderful time. Meanwhile, Baby Minnie was relaxing with Granny and Grandaddy and got a nap.

After lunch at Columbia Harbour House, Tink and I went on the Pooh ride. She loved it. Then we tried for the teacups but it shut down with a problem right after we got in line. We joined my parents and the baby at Cosmic Ray's where they were having mango gelato. It's a long story but we also ended up with some popcorn and a sweet cream cheese pretzel.

Both of my parents wore birthday buttons today and the Cast Members at both Columbia Harbour House and Cosmic Rays made a big deal over singing to them.

Rain was threatening but hey, it's Central Florida and you can't be scared of a little shower. Off we went to Dumbo. Only one side was running but we managed to ride twice. Tink made me proud by loving going up high.

I had so much fun showing the girls these attractions today, many for the first time.

Another first was the carousel and Grandaddy and Minnie joined us for the twirl. Both of the girls had lots of fun. Next was Philharmagic and again, it was a blast to watch Tink. She was reaching out for the items that appeared to be coming at her during the movie. TIP: If it's not a full preshow, this is a good place to get off to the side and let little ones walk around. Minnie enjoyed stretching her legs too. Oh, she was so cute playing with the opera glasses.

Of course, we had to ride small world. Both girls seemed fascinated by all the dolls. We popped in to Pinocchio's for dinner next and scored a table by the window overlooking small world. Tink loved waving at everyone.

Minnie is 11 months old and took two short naps at the park today. Tink fell asleep on the walk between dinner and the baby care center. She had had quite a day of fun.

This isn't the best trip report ever but I'm typing it out really quick on my phone in the dark. Both girls went right to sleep once we finally got to bed. It's been quite a day for us all.


  1. I'm actually crying reading this lol. Can't wait to read more and take my Tink. Hugs to the girls


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